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We help operational teams to realize performance leaps through better data usage.



Significantly boost operational performance by enabling your teams to make better decisions on a daily basis, on a granular scale. 

Our methods combine strategic analysis, advanced data processing and analysis techniques, and agile software development. We build on the latest open source technologies developed and maintained by data science and operational intelligence pioneers such as Airbnb, Uber and Facebook.

All functions are concerned,
here are some examples of use cases

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Optimization of financial flows and automation of reports


Reduction of non-quality costs

Customer support

Improvement of customer satisfaction


Increase of industrial capacity, planning optimisation and bottlenecks anticipation

Supply Chain

Improved service rate and improved visibility


Optimization of inventory management

The steps of an operational intelligence project

We define the business targets together, we take care of the rest

Use case definition

We define together the business targets to be reached and identify the concerned team.

Iteration with customers

Our engineers work hand in hand with your teams.
Developments are organized with fast iteration cycles (a few days) and user feedback is collected continuously.

Data collecting and processing

To make your data speak and make it actionable, we process, analyse and link them. Our engineers use the latest innovations in Big Data and Analytics.

Operational deployment

Once the first results are obtained through the first users, we ensure the training and adoption of our tools by the rest of the teams.

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